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Sam Fox

Warrington Mortgage Centre

Who are you?

We are a Warrington-based, family-run business. To us, Warrington isn’t just a place — it’s home.

Our clients love our relaxed, simple and down to earth approach to delivering expert mortgage advice, that helps them cut the clutter and secure home ownership on their own terms.

How did the business come about?

Financial Services has been embedded into generations of our family, with the oldest member of our family, at aged 73, still providing advice! We love supporting people on their home ownership journey. We wanted to crate a business that we can be proud, provide a high-quality down to earth service and make sure we’re here to support the local community.

How long has your business been in existence?

We took the leap of faith in January 2018 to re-brand and open up our high-street presence in Warrington.

How many people do you employ?


What job or achievement makes you most proud?

Receiving the Rising Star Award at the Real5 Awards last year!

Why Warrington?

Warrington is more than just a place – it’s home. It’s where we’ve created new friendships and lasting memories. So it was vital that we chose our hometown to continue our journey and help as many people as possible, to secure home-ownership.

Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know?

In a former life, i played the drum sin a few local bands and have shot music videos over in LA!

Who are the people most important in life to you?

My Family. They’re loving, kind, inspiring and at times a little bit crazy, but most of all, they’re who drive me to become the best version of me.

What is your ‘get through lockdown tip’?

Re-connect. Whether that be with old friends, family and colleagues; our tip, is to re-connect with your finances. We all lead busy lifestyles, we know what we get paid, and enjoy spending our money. But whilst we have a little more time on our hands, reconnect with what you spend your money on, see if you can improve your personal cash flow or start to set yourself some personal goals for that holiday, new car or experience and use this time to plan how you can reach that target.

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