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Paul Brown

doTERRA Essential Oils

Who are you?

I’m Paul I’ve worked for myself with a few different business for the last 14 years, love the flexibility of working from home so I can be there for my 3 children, love watching any sport especially football and rugby league

How did the business come about?

We started using doTERRA essential oils and supplements as a family and quickly saw how they helped us as a family, we then looked into the business side of the company.

How long has your business been in existence?

2 and a half years

Why Warrington?

Living in Warrington it was natural that we had our base here!

What job or achievement makes you most proud?

Hearing positive stories how these therapeutic grade oils have helped friends, family and customers always makes us believe we are in the right business

Who are the people most important in life to you?

It has to be our children 2 girls aged 19 and 12 and a newborn baby boy

Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know?

I grew up on the Wirral, supported Tranmere Rovers since the early 90’s

What is your ‘get through lockdown tip’?

Stay positive, be helpful to each other and take care of yourselves

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